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iwannaholdhim's Journal

I Wanna Hold Him - Themed McFly Slash
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I Wanna Hold Him rules.

Hullo, and welcome to I Wanna Hold Him, a themed McFly slash community for members to post their works of art set to a theme that we xpoynter_juddx and elzawelza will set once every two weeks. For example, if I posted a theme of "roses", the fics that people write for this community must revolve in someway around "roses."

Please keep to the themes. If you do not like the idea of working to a theme, there are plenty of other communities that will accept fics that are not set to a theme. =)i.e. mcflyslash and mcslash

This community contains material that includes sexual encounters of the members of McFly. Fiction may contain sexual material that might not be suitable to younger people, but that is up to you.

We do not know Mcfly in any way, or have any contact with them at all, so please don't sue us. We do not know their sexualities, and this is all purely fiction, so please don't take it too seriously.

We welcome everyone, but we do have some ground rules that we feel should be kept to so this is a nice place for everybody.

1) No haters please.
2) We insist people keep to the theme to keep it fun. Any non-themed fics belong in the aforementioned communities.
3) No nasty comments about other people's fics. We can all accept constructive critisism, but keep it nice.
4) No text talk in fics, unless it is meant to be read in text form. It is very difficult and time consuming to read.
5) All posts are to be made as friends only, so only people who want to read/write the fics can see the entries.
6) Have fun writing!