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We're owl exterminators [userpic]
Carry On Dancing
by We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive)
at February 3rd, 2006 (03:11 am)

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Carry On Dancing
Pairing: Dave/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This is for the dancing theme. *hopes it's still on*

I looked around the dark room, surveying my surroundings. The back room was small and very private, with only a small handful of seats gathered around the podium, all of which were unoccupied. Cautiously, I sat in the seat nearest to it, trying to make myself comfortable. I set my bottle down beside the chair and shrugged my jacket off, shoving it on the chair beside me. This had all been Tom's idea. Well, they said it was Tom, but I'm sure this whole idea came from Dougie's dirty little mind. Tom would never have come up with an idea like this and Danny was far to... well the polite term would be dim, to think of something like this.

I sat back and stared at the chrome plated pole that was at the center of the podium. Yes, this was definatly a Dougie idea. I closed my eyes and shook my head. Only Dougie Poynter would decide to give someone a birthday pole dance. Or at least arrange it.

"Sir?" I almost jumped from the seat at the sound of the voice. Fuck, how had anyone sneaked up on me like that? I turned to the source of the voice to discover that it belonged to a Billie-Joe lookalike, complete with black eyeliner around his dark eyes. He gave me a smile, then started talking. "He'll be ready in a few minutes sir, would you like a drink while you wait?"

At least it was a guy. If it was a girl I would have punched Dougie's nose off. "Nah, I'm good." I gestured to the bottle on the floor. "Thanks anyway." He nodded to himself and turned to leave. As he walked away I turned my head, watching his ass wiggle in his too-tight jeans. If the dancer was as hot as him then this whole thing would be worth it.

A few minutes later the background music that had been playing stopped and some slow, exotic music replaced it. A curtain at the back of the room opened and in came the scantily clad man. Well, I say man, he could just as easily be a boy. Either way he was hot, beyond hot actually. His chest was completely smooth, defined but not overly so, his hard nipples sticking proudly out from his chest. His legs were slightly hairy, but it was made up for my the bulge in his leopard-print thong. His hair was a mess of bright blonde hair, his eyes surrounded by eyeliner just like the barmen's were. He walked over to the pole, winking at me as he climbed the podium and wrapped himself around it.

With his legs wrapped tightly around the pole, he bent backwards so his face was in front of mine only upside-down. "Hi." He said, a smile plasted on his little face. "I'm Dave and I'll be your dancer for tonight." His tongue ran over his black lips and he winked at me again, before returning to standing normally. His hips ground against the pole and I found myself with a rapidly growing erection in my jeans. I squirmed in my seat, something he clearly noticed as he grinned at me. "Don't be shy Harry." He purred and I'm sure I saw him grind even harder just to tease me, one of his hands stroking his chest. His fingers pinched his nipple, tweaking it between his fingers. I moaned slightly at the sight, rubbing my bulge in time to his movements.

He smirked and untangled his legs from around the pole, hopping from the podium straight onto my lap. He ground his ass against my aching erection causing me to buck up against his ass. He grinned, his arms snaking around my neck. "Mmm Harry, you're a big boy aren't you?" He purred, extending his tongue and licking from the tip of my nose to my forehead. "I bet you wanna put it in me don't you?" I just moaned and nodded as his ass pressed harder against my clothed length. He grinned, slipping a hand from my neck, running it over my shirt down to my thigh. He raised his ass up, then moved down my legs slightly, his hand undoing my top button then unzipping my fly. He reached inside, opening my boxers and pulling out my cock. He wrapped his hand around it, squeezing it gently making me moan. "You like that, don't you?" He purred, moving his hand back around my neck as I groaned a response. He moved back to my lap, my cock now pressed against his crack. He ran his tongue over my lips, forcing it into my mouth as his other hand moved the string of his thong so his crack was more exposed. His lips left mine, just long enough for him to whisper "Fuck me." before they returned to them, our tongues twirling around each other. My dick prodded his ass, searching for it's target, which, after a few seconds, it found and my cock was up inside the dancer's hole. He let out a slight gasp against my lips, then slide himself down the rest of my length so that his ass pressed against my open jeans.

He started to ride me, sliding up and down my hardness. I moaned his name, reaching around him and holding him tight. He increased his speed, his lips never leaving mine as he rode me. I felt his hole twitch around my length and he arched his back. I smirked around his tongue and I knew I'd hit his spot. He let out soft gasps and pants as he ridden me, his lips finally detaching from mine. I slipped a hand from behind him and wrapped it around his weeping cock, stroking it in time with his movements. He shuddered top of me, his hardness squirting his cum all over our chests, his bare, mine clothed. His ass clenched tight around me and I followed his lead, spraying my load up inside him, gasping his name as he had mine.

He panted and grinned at me, before he leaned forward, licking away the few drops of cum that had reached my cheek. I purred softly, watching his movements intently, noticing that he winked. A wink that clearly wasn't mean for me.

He slid off my lap, pushing his thong back between his cheeks into my cum. He flashed me a smirk and blew me a kiss before making his way back to the curtain, his hips and ass swaying as he did so. I could tell someone was there waiting for him, be it client or staff I did not know. But there was one thing I did know.

I definately needed to get Dougie a better present for this.


Posted by: We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive)
Posted at: February 5th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)
Dave Riding Juddy!

*grins and gives some* Thankiie! :D


He might ;)

I <3 your icon! *has never seen the pic before*

Posted by: Moni (gryff1nd0rk)
Posted at: February 5th, 2006 02:03 am (UTC)

*sits on ice* :) thanks.

I don't remember who made it, but I think the picture was from something "behind the scenes".

Posted by: We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive)
Posted at: February 5th, 2006 02:11 am (UTC)
Dave Riding Juddy!

hehehhe:) Tis okiii

Ohhh possible a Eddie's Song one I haven't seen *makes a note to find it in the morning* :D

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